Successful Travel Photography

Travel photography is quite different from other photographic endeavors especially if you plan to make a living from it.

Most successful travel photographers are writers as well. Actually in the print world, you can’t separate words from pictures. They complement each other.

What the picture can’t show, the words explain in greater detail. So it’s no surprise that some travel articles are sometimes from husband and wife teams.

That’s the perfect job for couples. Think exotic locations, the love of your life with you and endless adventures together.

My biggest problem with travel photography is that a lot of the imagery you see have been so photographed that they’re the equivalent of visual clich├ęs. What comes to mind when you think of China? Great Wall of China, or the Forbidden City in Beijing? Egypt? The Great Pyramids. India… the Taj Mahal. Indonesia…Borobodur. Cambodia…Angkor Wat.

As in most printed media, the pictures tend to be more important than the words. A visually striking image will draw a casual browser of publication into reading an article even if the headline is not well-written.

A great selection of pictures of one destination can save a article with mediocre writing. But the same can’t be said if the pictures are of poor quality.

No matter how good and compelling the writing, if the pictures are just mediocre, readers will not be drawn to the story.

Poorly composed images, especially ones with lots of technical flaws like low resolution, artifacting and digital noise cannot be rescued. As powerful as Photoshop is, it simply can’t fix or add something that isn’t in a picture.

Even if it can, there is the ethical question of are you allowed to? Most magazine have strict guidelines against such manipulation of images especially in their editorial content.

But poorly written articles can be “massaged” and fine-tuned by editors into some quite readable.

Tips for a successful trip:

1. Careful planning and research of your destination.

Obvious yet a lot of people don’t consider this when making their plans. Festivities like Oktoberfest in Germany, Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California takes place annually at the same time.

And by planning I don’t just mean planning for the length of time you are going to be at your destination. If you’re a digital photographer, you’ll need power to charge your batteries and a way to download and clear off your memory cards or you will be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

If you’re headed abroad where electrical power is different from home, you’ll also a voltage converter. I recommend the Kensington 3317 International All-in-one Travel Plug Adapter.

2. Precise note-taking.

Whether you use a laptop or pen and paper, having good habits like keeping receipts and other bills incurred during the trip is important.

Even if you’re not writing the article, precise notes on how to get from town A to town B, how much the fare was, the duration of the drive are all details which add value to your pitch to magazines or collaborative effort with a writer.

Remember your recall will not be so good once you’re home. Foreign names have a way of sounding the same when you get home, so good note-taking is critical.

Your article will have more credibility if you provide details since a travel article is part “how-to” and part narrative. Another reason for those notes is documentation when you claim the trip as a business expense.

3. Digital SLR with wide and telephoto zoom lens

Think “light.” If you’re lugging around a lot of gear, you’ll be too beat to use your camera. Traveling light doesn’t mean you leave essentials like a healthy supply of extra memory cards, batteries and flash units at home.

If you’re bringing along a laptop, then a supply of writable CDs or DVDs is important.

Even if you don’t have a chance to edit your images after you download them to your computer, you should burn those images as a backup and mail them to yourself.

That way if all your gear is stolen, you’ll still have images to show when you get home.

Precision Vs Accuracy: Which Is Which and How Can You Remember?

Precision and accuracy are terms used in science to describe the quality of measurements. They mean different things, and sometimes it is difficult to remember which is which. What do they mean and how can you remember which is which.

As an example, let’s work with the length of an object. So, to measure an object’s length you get a ruler. Line up the object you need to measure with the ruler. Measure it. Move the ruler and the object and re-measure your object. Repeat this procedure a few times.

What numbers did you get? Let’s pretend I measured 30mm, 31mm, 30mm, and 30mm for my object.

Precision is something I can control. Precision is my ability to use my tool (the ruler) to get the same measurement for the same object in the same conditions each time. In the example above, I predominantly measured 30mm. Again, precision is related to my skill at using my measurement tool. Precision can be learned. Precision is under your control.

Accuracy, on the other hand, is not under my control nearly as much. Say I take my same object and measure it with a different rule. The new ruler is a different brand and made out of a different material. (Say it’s wood instead of clear plastic.) One of the rulers is 35 years old and one of the rulers is one year old. If I re-measure my object with this different ruler and get 31mm, 31mm, 31mm, and 31.5mm, I’m still getting pretty good precision. My measurements are very close together and I can repeat them. However, my numbers come out differently with this ruler. One of the rulers is more accurate than the other. Which one is it?

Accuracy is how close I can come to the real measurement using the measurement tool I have.

Since 1983 a meter has been defined as the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second. From 1960 to 1983, however, a meter had a different definition. Back then, the definition of a meter was related to the distance of a certain number of wavelengths emitted from electrons transitioning from one orbital to another in Kyrpton (isotope 86) atoms.

Whichever ruler is closer to the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second is more accurate.

How can you remember which is which?

I don’t know if this will help you, but I say to myself “Perfectly Precise Polly Abdicated Accuracy.”

Travel Must Haves That You Should Take With You On Your Vacation

Anytime you happen to be planning to go on a trip, getaway, or even holiday vacation, you’re going to need to have basic travel essentials to bring with you so that you can have almost everything that you’ll need. Being without some things which you might unintentionally leave behind in the home is usually a pain. This quick checklist of travel essentials will help you certainly not to forget about a few of the important items that you simply should never leave home without.

You ought to bring along your travel itinerary. This would include precise addresses, roadmaps, phone numbers as well as other specifics of the spots you want to check out, like exactly where you are staying, airline flight times, and additional kinds of vehicles information which you might need. Possessing copies of these could be a great idea. Moreover, ensure somebody else carries a duplicate of these in the event your copy turns out to be missing.

It’s wise to have multiple varieties of payment methods any time you’re on a journey. Bring cash, charge cards, and even travelers checks on hand. Store every one of these in several totes and storage compartments in case you lose anything at all. This way, you might have several approaches to buy everything and you will not be devoid of cash.

Bring the proper apparel for your journey. Think about precisely what you may use at almost all times within the day to guide you when packing. Try to bring along goods that you might be able to use for formal and also informal wear depending on how you should put them on to save lots of room in your bag.

You will need to have high quality luggage that could stay tough as you travel. Investing in something such as eminent luggage is a good idea since you know that it’ll present you with exactly what you’ll need when you are on a holiday.

The appropriate legal records could be required on certain types of trips. Any time you are leaving a place of origin, you will want to bring your passport and other essential papers just like identity cards in order for you to cross borders. Take these along with you at all times just in case.

While it probably won’t look like some thing you’d probably normally make a main concern, it is best to include a great pair of sunglasses while on your vacation. The rays of the sun could be unhealthy for your own eyes as well as they can cause it to be challenging to look at all of the locations you need to see properly. Having a set of sunglasses just like eagle eye sunglasses is advisable.

You also really should have all the essential gadgets for the kind of getaway you’ll have. You may need things such as your own GPS so as you will not really get lost, translators to help you communicate with other people, your mobile phone, laptop computer, many others.

Even though this checklist is not thorough, it ought to present you with a concept of a number of the essential items to carry with you on your trip. This way, you won’t really need to endure loss or even to lose out on valuable vacation time.