Considering Disabled Travellers – Is your Property Disabled Friendly?

There could be numerous obstacles facing individual disabled holidaymakers or those who may be travelling with their family, partners or friends, especially if they are considering a property rental, self-catering or B & B style holiday.

Just ask yourself these questions:

Q: How can disabled people possibly undertake such a trip without ensuring that some or all of their specific needs will be met?

Answer: They probably can’t and won’t!

Q: How can I ensure that disabled people can enjoy a holiday at my property?

Answer: Carry on reading below.

Make your Rental Property suitable for Disabled Holidaymakers 1) All property owners wishing to advertise to potential holidaymakers, whether partially disabled, wheelchair users or a family with an infirmed relative, are recommended to study the following HRC guidelines listed below.

2) Create or provide a detailed list of any designs, improvements and /or adaptations that have been made to your property and explain this clearly in your ‘Facilities Details’ section. Each item needs to be safe, secure and ‘disabled friendly’ for your property to be considered by the end user.

3) Those property owners who can demonstrate with total accuracy that their property is specifically suitable for wheelchair users and other disabled or infirmed persons, will be exposed to a wider choice of potential renters and better placed to succeed with their holiday bookings, therefore maximising their rental income.

4) Carry out your own research on the web and check to see if your precise property details qualify for a particular ‘logo’. There are many websites offering contacts, help and information for all types of disabled holidaymakers and their families.

For an example, click on which will show a list of 16 symbols that represent some of the requirements that are needed or need to be met by a variety of providers in the UK. These include all sorts of premises, such as shops, businesses and more established accommodation, like hotels and restaurants etc. This can help you with determining if your property is suitable or if it is located near to amenities that are suitable.

Start by describing the access and facilities from the moment a holidaymaker arrives at or near to the property and include all relevant the information including:

· Location – Arriving & parking

· Entrance – Access to the front of the property – level, sloping or stepped

· Entrance – Access to side and /or rear entrance to the property from the arrival point.

· Entrance and internal door widths

· Patio pool and garden – Access from inside the property

· Bath /Shower Rooms – describe sanitary ware and if wheelchair access is available

· W C’s – describe sanitary ware and if wheelchair access is available

· Stairs – describe access to any additional floors via lifts or stair-lift

· Emergency Exits – describe these routes and or procedures in detail.

· General – Describe the layout and general ‘mobility’ of the property.


It would be a good idea to conclude by giving an ‘overview’ of your holiday rental property and describing the general layout and ‘mobility features’ as you see and know them. Be clear and precise about how disabled friendly your property is, and explain about any interesting places or tourist attractions nearby that are worth a visit. Any restaurants, theatres, art galleries, museums, sightseeing attractions and children’s amusements will all have advertising literature freely available for you to leave for your guests in the property.

Explain precisely about the parking and entrance arrangements, if wheelchair access and toilet facilities are suitable or if alternative facilities are better nearby.

Include and display in your property, any positive detailed information that is available from the relevant attraction owners or ti tourist information centres that are nearest to your property.

Finally, select the Disabled Access – Featured Listing from the Advertising Plan (a no cost option) which will list your property directly on the Home Page and will be available as a searchable facility.

You can set all the appropriate information in the text box provided for the holidaymaker to see. You should soon see the benefits with increased rentals.

Written by : S Johnston

Article can also be found at: disabled holiday advice