Few Types of Precision Dog Crates

Precision dog crates act as your dog’s bedroom and reduces their destructive behavior. Dogs naturally want to live in a clean and dry den where they feel safe and secure.

Two General Types

There are various types of precision dog crates in the market including solid plastic crates that are very valuable when traveling and more secure than the other types. Apart from being useful while traveling by plane, these crates are also very safe while traveling in a car but they occupy a lot of space and cannot be folded.

Another type of crates is the aluminum crate that is either in fixed form or can be folded. These types of crates are light but very strong, they have an appealing look in contrast to those made of wires and they don’t rust easily. These crates can be used as permanent kennels for your dogs.

Wire Precision Dogs Crates

Wire precision dog crates, unlike the solid plastic ones, can be folded during transport or for storage purposes. These crates are however very heavy in proportion to their sizes and this sometimes renders the folding process difficult. They come in various sizes and provide excellent airflow for the dogs and enable people to get a clear view of the dog.

The cover and pads of wire crates come in various forms to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. These crates are commonly used in veterinary hospitals and when traveling by car or even used as permanent kennels. They are also used in displaying the dogs during shows, as spectators can clearly see the dogs.

Other Types

Another type of crate is the soft crates that are the easiest to fold during transport of storage. These crates are lightweight and make the dog feel secure and with more airflow while still allowing people to view them clearly. However, these crates are unsuitable for dogs that are very aggressive in natur

These soft precision dog crates are also not suitable when transporting dogs by car. Lastly there are the dog tents that are similar to soft crates but they can be folded to very small sizes and are very light. They are perfect for people who want to carry them everywhere especially those involved in dogs sports.


When looking for the type of precision dog crates you want to buy there are several factors that you should consider including: the type of dog, the use of the crate and also the situation in which it will be used.