Precision Dog Crates and Their Commonly Used Types

Precision Dog crates come in handy while traveling to far off places. Although, many of us find it easy to walk our dogs, traveling with them in a vehicle is a different story altogether. However, these dog cages are the best solution to take our pets wherever we go.


Precision Dog crates are available in different sizes, designed to match the size of the dog precisely. This is done to save the amount of space in a vehicle or even at home and, hence, are called precision dog crates.

There are various types of precision dog crates available in the market today which include the light-weighted soft crates made of leather and the slightly heavier wired crates made of steel that are sometimes also manufactured in aluminum, to decrease the weight of the crate.

Soft Dog Crates

Soft precision dog crates are more commonly used in gardens rather than traveling purposes. Although people do tend to carry these crates during travel, the truth is that they can be quite hard to carry. In any case, these crates are designed like little tents for dog and look good in homes rather than being carried outside.

These soft precision crates are usually manufactured to provide some extra comfort to the dog. There is stuffed padding done on a cage-like crate along with some leather used for durability. The soft crates can also be used to keep the dog protected from harsh weather conditions, like rain or strong winds or even from dust.

Solid Wired Crates

Solid wired crates is the other type that is extremely popular among dog lovers. These crates are manufactured using wrought iron or aluminum. The basic design is similar to a bird or hamster’s cage, but a bit bigger in size. These cages are used in big transport vehicles, such as trains, ships and airplanes, as they are more secure than normal soft crates.

There are several other reasons for the precision crates to be manufactured in this manner. One of them is for dogs that are a bit wild and well-built, and could easily break loose from a soft crate. Another reason is that the make of these cages is ideal for use in dog shows, which allows people to see the dog properly, while it is in the cage.


Precision Dog Crates are manufactured to be both durable and fit-to-use for the dog and the owner at the same time. However, protecting the dogs from rough weather and environment, and protection of people from dogs could be due to other circumstantial and arguable reasons.